SD Gundam Matsuri Headers

SD Gundam Matsuri is amazing and I don’t know what was going on

It’s rare when the YouTube algorithm recommends something I actually want to watch (it loves pairing Slipknot with Jeremy Loops). Last night, something called ‘SD Gundam Matsuri part3,’ which was in Japanese without any English subtitles. I didn’t know what I was getting into and dived in. After its 54-minute run-time, I can honestly say it was one of the most adorable things I’ve ever seen and I need more SD Gundam in my life.

What is SD Gundam?

Super Deformed Gundam or SD Gundam are weirdly-proportioned versions of Gundam characters and mechs (sort of like chibi). The characters are often placed in comical situations that are less serious than the properties they’re based on. Not to mention SD Gundam often crosses over Gundam from different timelines.

So what did you actually watch?

There’s not a lot of information (in English) about what I watched. Apparently, it’s the third part of an SD Gundam compilation movie called Mobile Suit SD Gundam Festival, which was released in Japan on the 13th of March, 1993.

The episode I watched is called SDコマンド戦記 ガンダムフォース スーパージーアームズ ファイナルフォーミュラーVSノウムギャザー (SD Commando War Chronicles: Gundam Force, Super G-Arms, Final Formula VS Noum Gyaza). From what I gathered, there’s an evil overlord who is controlling a force of Zakus and other mecha, who chase down the princess of a prominent kingdom. When the chase leads to a small village, a young man takes up the mantle of trying to save her, along with several knights and villagers. Over the course of this mini-movie, the heroes meet up with characters from other Gundam series, fight a range of foes, some characters switch sites, and other characters give empowering speeches. Since it was all in Japanese, please feel to correct me on anything I’ve said.

The movie was absolutely enthralling and I was captivated by it the moment it started playing. The visuals are very 90s anime, all hand-drawn with amazing attack effects. I think I really fell in love with the voice acting– I recognised some of the voice actors from other Japanese anime and video games.

Overall, I highly recommend SD Gundam Matsuri if you’re a fan of Gundam and adorable shows. Now, if only we could get a proper English release of the full movie.