Warhammer Quest box art

Warhammer Quest is my Holy Grail of board games

If there’s one title that encapsulates my love of board gaming, it’s Descent: Journeys in the Dark. But if there’s one game I always think of when it comes to board gaming, it’s Warhammer Quest. Fun fact: I’ve never played Warhammer Quest.

Err… Warhammer Quest?

This all started back in primary school. I’d become friends with a kid that had emigrated from the United Kingdom. One day, after school, I walked home with him to hang out at his place. In his room sat a pile of White Dwarf magazines – the official publication from Games Workshop. Hidden between these magazines was the rulebook for Warhammer Quest and to the side of the stack was a little plastic minotaur statue.

I was a little taken back by what I saw: a small figure that was used in a board game. But how could this be? It wasn’t a top hat or a small dog or even Colonel Mustard – it was a burly figure that held a battleaxe in one hand and raised a fist with the other. And it was incredible.

Warhammer Quest components
The components of Warhammer Quest.

My friend explained that all of these various pieces – I’d later find some cards and other figures – were part of Warhammer Quest. It sounded amazing! One played controlled all of the monsters while the others were heroes on an adventure through a dark, elaborate dungeon. I poured through the rulebook and every issue of White Dwarf, trying to soak up everything I could about this Warhammer Quest. In the process, I also discovered Space Hulk.

So what’s the game like?

I don’t know.

Thing is, I never managed to piece the game together. I never found the tiles or most of the characters. To this day, I’ve never played a round or even seen this mythical game with my own eyes. However, it was my introduction to the world of tabletop gaming beyond that of Snakes and Ladders or Ludo.

To me, Warhammer Quest is the Holy Grail of board games. One day, I’ll own a copy and actually experience it for myself. For now, it’ll stay as my avatar for the world of board games, with a box art that always brings a smile to my face.